Conveyor belt for unloading T-265V wagons

The T-265V conveyor belt is dedicated to transport for spilled perima. It is very well designed with a height of max 200 mm to be placed under the unloading mouth of the wagons. For this, the spilled raw material is easily transported from under the wagon. It is designed on rollers and sliding edges so that the spilled goods do not spread on the ground. Designed with self-rotating wheels, the T-265V belt is very easy to handle in all directions for easier steering and positioning under the wagon unloading port.

The maximum height of the machine on the lower part of the rails 200 mm
Height of discharge mouth 950 mm
Productivity max. 120 t/h
Wheelbase (mm) 6,3 m
Puterea motorului 3,0 kW
Belt rotation speed 2,0 m/s
Bandwidth 1200 mm
Band Rubber 2 inserts and ribs
Greutate 700 kg
Tilt of the unloading belt 20°