GR-Super economical selector

Selector for small and family businesses

The selector is used to clean the cereals after they are threshed and brought from the field. The tool is composed of a light, simple and economical structure. Being light in weight, it can be very easy to handle and move.

  • Continuous operation.
  • Selection capacity: 6-800 kg/h (cereals)
  • Engine power: 0.75 kW
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
  • Sieve surface: 3 × 0.3 m2
  • Number of sites: 3
  • Number of resulting fractions: 4 - with ventilation can be used both for great success and for seeding
  • Manual handling 4 people


Width: 990 mm
Length: 2070 mm
Height: 1600 mm
Weight: 110 kg