Suspended band Type: B

These types of conveyor belts T-100B, T-101B and T-102B are manufactured as a lightweight aluminum structure so as not to make it difficult for the roof structure to which it is fixed and from where it can load grain warehouses very high and even. This conveyor belt is about half the size of the total length of the warehouse in which it is mounted but the aluminum frames are extended along the length of the warehouse.


If, however, we consider that two conveyor belts are too much and one cannot fill the magazine then the suspended conveyor belt type B with transverse unloading belt intervenes in order to be able to fill the horizontal magazine at its maximum capacity. This type of conveyor belt with transverse conveyor belt can be manufactured on a single conveyor belt or on two conveyor belts.

These types of strips are manufactured after measuring the warehouse in advance and designing the machine according to the requirements of the roof and the beneficiary.

For information, please ask us for a price offer, for this we need the warehouse documentation (warehouse drawing, project). It is manufactured in standard widths of 400, 500, 650, with PVC tape or rubber tape can be mounted on request.