T-300 mobile tank

The mobile loading funnel type T-300 is an installation with a capacity of 4 m3, built to receive agricultural products with grains which is mobile being mounted on wheels. In an empty position, it can be placed on the storage conveyor belt and can be combined with it . With the help of the threaded support legs, in addition to the mobile state, a fixed state can be obtained. The funnel can be loaded with a front loader, which means that the dump trucks for transporting grain are not obliged to unload the goods directly in the funnel but anywhere in the warehouse. The funnel has the possibility of adjusting the suber in four steps so that, depending on the agricultural product, the amount of transmissible material can be adjusted.

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Width: 3000 mm
Total width: 3260 mm
Length: 2000 mm
Height: 2500 mm
Weight: 770 kg

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