Conveyor belt with tank, mobile T-216

The mobile loading conveyor type T-216 consisting of three sections is built to receive agricultural products with bulbs unloaded from transport vehicles. The tank is upholstered with rubber so that the product is spared from blows. of 600-850 mm or can be fully opened to facilitate the unloading of the product from the truck. And the opposite wall is fixed with a height of 1600 mm and adjustable support legs.

The beneficiary will decide which fixed or mobile wall on which side will be manufactured. In order not to overcrowd the belt, a system has been designed that does not allow direct unloading on the conveyor belt. Conveyor belt with tank, T-216 furniture can be ordered with a length between 4-10 m, the horizontal part and the inclined part is between 1-1.5 m. Designed with a towing system for a quick movement through the vegetable base.

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