Conveyor belt with high productivity tank, T-207 furniture

The mobile load conveyor type T-207 has an extraordinary productivity and is built to receive agricultural products with grains from the transport vehicles. The model is constructed in such a way that the horizontal and inclined conveyor is joined in a single section on which a single belt runs, thus avoiding the scattering of the product.

It can be ordered with lengths of 8m and 10m with PVC tape with three textile inserts 850 mm wide, provided with a 60 mm corrugated border and a drum motor. The loading height of the conveyor is 650 mm and the unloading height is 1500 mm. The side can be adjusted in three steps, thus making loading easier. Thanks to its mobile design, it can move quickly from one workplace to another.
The formation of the belt with high corrugated edge together with the speed of the belt of 3.15 m / s, results in an increase of productivity thus, the transporter is capable of a productivity of 150 t / h.

We offer ports and transhipment stations, where the increased capacity of material is indispensable.

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