Conveyor belt with tank, furniture T-206-M

The mobile load conveyor type T-206-M is built to receive chemical fertilizers from transport vehicles. The model is constructed in such a way that the horizontal and inclined conveyor is joined in a single section on which a single belt runs, thus avoiding the scattering of the product.

The basic model can be ordered with a length of 4,6,8 and 10 m with rubber band, without ribs. The conveyor consists of anti-corrosion profiles, in which side walls made of wood or OSB board are screwed. These materials increase the life of the machine. The loading height of the conveyor is 1000 mm and the unloading height is 1500 mm. Productivity is 70 t / h, and mass 1150 kg. The model is practical, tractable, with side walls that can be adjusted in three steps. If necessary, it can also be loaded with a loader.