Conveyor belts used in agriculture

These types of conveyor belts have been designed for small companies engaged in agriculture for the transport of cereals, potatoes, carrots, onions, corn, etc. A good quality of these belts is the loading from the own household of the trucks is done very easily even the bagged raw material.

Because the frame is made of a closed aluminum profile, the conveyor belt is light and very maneuverable.
The advantage of aluminum is a material approx. non-corrosive by that the life of the frame is much longer.
Partea mobila a benzi transportoare este fabricata din metal vopsit cu sistem de tractare, ridicarea si coborarea benzii transportoare se face manual cu un levier aferent sistemului de ridicare coborare si nu in ultimul rand banda transportoare poate fi deplasata si de un singur om.

Technical data:

Type T-099 T-100 T-101 T-102
Latimea benzii (mm) 300 400 500 650
Electric power (kW) 0,75 – 3,0
Viteza benzii (m/s) 0,4 – 3,15
Wheelbase (mm) 3000 – 6000
Band PVC, 2 logitudinal inserts, smooth surface / ribs / longitudinal side ribs, boxed, runs on smooth surface or on rollers